Lisa and Sandy walked 34 miles in one day

Jun 17, 2015

On 25th April 2015 Lisa and Sandy walked 34 miles in one day in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Hospital to help raise over £5k in funds

Lisa and Sandy of Emmie B interiors, Jonathan Rimmer of Essential Design and Andrew Barton of Brownlow Furniture took up the challenge from Clatterbridge Cancer hospital based in Wirral to convert £50 and somehow turn it in to £1000 to help raise funds to invest in a brand new leading edge radiotherapy treatment system - a Varian Edge linear accelerator.

Clatterbridge is the first hospital in the UK to install this latest upgrade in radiotherapy equipment, setting them apart from other cancer hospitals. The advanced technology of the Varian Edge offers a range of capabilities that turn leading research into integrated care. It will give clinicians the ability to manage challenging cancers with unparalleled ease and submillimeter accuracy and precision. The technology will also enable treatment packages to be tailored and customised to each individual patient depending upon their needs, whilst also fulfilling essential clinical requirements. Read more here.

Back in February we got together in a pub to brain storm and cut a long story short Andrew had this crazy brain wave to walk the entire Sandstone Trail in Cheshire in one day - Whitchurch to Frodsham – 34 miles dressed as Bees to form Team ‘B’eat Cancer. So the date was set Saturday 25th April 2015.

Then the training walks commenced taking over our weekends leading up to the big day. Starting with a 7 mile walk around Delamere then weekend by weekend increasing the distance through all conditions including rain, wind, lots of mud and cows!! until the final training walk reached 22 miles .





On the big day we met at 5am at Whitchurch in a dark carpark to commence the walk (not before eating a sausage sandwich to kick start us) and apply bee make-up!! We set off at dusk 3 x Bees (Lisa, Andrew & Jonathan) Gregg – Jonathan’s friend & Sandy (Lisa’s PA) who also joined us in Clatterbridge t-shirts. Jonathan had mapped out a plan of when we should get to certain destinations on the way in order to complete at the finish line ‘The Bears Paw’ at Frodsham by 8:30pm (still in daylight and before it closed).




Jonathan & Gregg set off on a quicker pace then the rest of us but we met up at points like Beeston Castle and Bickerton for a quick bite to eat and change of socks!
At 22 miles we were met by family and friends (approx. 3pm) around Delamere which was very uplifting at this point as we were beginning to tire. They walked with us for some of the walk but then we were left alone for the last 7 miles except Steve (Andrew’s friend who accompanied us to almost the end. The last 7 miles …. which were the worst to Frodsham were tough with us all suffering in various ways with blisters, tired legs, aching knees, bad backs. However Steve (who had also done this walk in a day a while back) kept reminding us to drink water and stop for energy sweets as well as telling us great stories about himself to take our minds off the long stretch ahead.



Meanwhile Jonathan and Gregg had reached the end of the trail at around 630pm – but Lisa, Sandy & Andrew were still 2 hours behind. With Andrew singing various Frank Sinatra songs to help Lisa and Sandy through the tough bits and the thought of a big glass of wine/beer at the end we dragged our very tired legs to the end. When walking up the high street of Frodsham with Jonathan at this point (Gregg had set off home already), we were met by our family & friends cheering outside The Bears Paw encouraging us. Crossing the road to the pub the town clock struck 8:30pm! We had made it in 15.5 hours! Tears of joy and emotions ran high with relief more than anything amongst us all.




Upon writing this blog our fund raising stands at £5,389 but we are still raising funds if you wish to show your support to this great cause – please go to


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