Living Space

Living spaces can be the most social of all the rooms in a home – where you and your family come together to relax but also to enjoy with friends. So it’s nice to put on a bit of show to impress!

We use patterns, prints, colours, textures, and design elements together to create the ultimate living space. We carefully select lighting schemes, soft furnishings and features to match the mood and style of the room creating anything from a library to an orangery living space.

EmmieB-240815-31-web.jpg EmmieB-240815-48-web.jpg EmmieB-240815-36-web.jpg EmmieB-240815-80-web.jpg EmmieB-240815-73-web.jpg EmmieB-240815-61-web.jpg EmmieB-240815-60-web.jpg EmmieB-240815-83-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-19-Edit-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-18-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-24-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-25-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-53-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-50-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-44-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-57-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-69-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-68-web.jpg pic15.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-72-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-74-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-12-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-79-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-81-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-4-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-9-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-6-Edit-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-10-web.jpg 427E6942.jpg 427E6962.jpg 427E6964.jpg 427E6969.jpg

Lisa Barnes in Warrington, UK on Houzz