Special Details

As well as designing the overall look and feel of an interior design project we pay very special attention to the smaller finishing details that will help to provide real impact in any room. From accessories to special details on a cushion or blind – all carefully designed or chosen to create a lasting impression.

IMG_9226.JPG IMG_9255.JPG EmmieB-Lymm-110914-57-web.jpg IMG_9249.JPG IMG_9222.JPG EmmieB-Lymm-110914-15-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-45-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-28-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-61-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-12-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-16-web.jpg EmmieB-Lymm-110914-13-web.jpg Beckside-Farm-65-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-66-web.jpg Beckside-Farm-22-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-7-web.jpg Beckside-Farm-21-web.jpg Emmie-B-Wirral-1-web.jpg Beckside-Farm-8-web.jpg Beckside-Farm-67-web.jpg

Lisa Barnes in Warrington, UK on Houzz